According to the long company tradition, this year on December 4, employees of Emtor and Seito met at a Christmas Party. The meeting was held at the Hotel Filmar in Torun, and gathered over 300 people from all over Poland. It was also a great opportunity to get to know themselves and to integrate the whole team.
Employees shared the wafer and listened to the solemn wishes of the Emtor President Jerzy Holc. After the dinner everyone taste special cake, which was prepared by Filmar confectioner and decorated with the Christmas accents and a company logo.

 Photo booth was attraction for all employees of this year meeting. A great and funny photos were enriched with variety of many humorous gadgets. It was great choice, because  Photo booth was hugely popular. 

Professional RobiArt Music Band entertained the guests to the evening.

The whole Christmas meeting was photographed by Mr. Daniel Pach

Gallery from the Christmas Party

Created 23-12-2015