Rider Stackers

The MS Series of rider stackers has been designed for stacking and retrieving goods in long internal transport operations

This rider seated series is designed to provide a cost effective solution where the application includes long internal travel distances. Its compact dimensions allow it to operate in narrow aisles whilst providing the operator with a comfortable ergonomic working environment.

High travel and lift/lowering speeds deliver excellent productivity in high throughput applications making the MS Series a cost effective and viable alternative to a reach truck in less demanding operations.

The MS Series of stacker trucks is ideal for operating in:

  • Warehouses, stores and confined production areas
  • Block stacking applications
  • Narrow aisles
  • High throughput operations

Ergonomic features

  • The electronic zero effort fly by wire steering system can be set to suit the operator or application requirements
  • Firm operator support over long travel distances is provided by a textile padded seat adjustable for rake. A padded armrest and headrest enhance operator comfort
  • Smooth lift and lowering operation is provided by a responsive fingertip mini control lever and travel direction by a rocker switch located on the dashboard

Productivity features

  • A powerful AC traction motor delivers excellent acceleration and travel speed
  • Combi MOSFET traction control provides energy efficient operation, smooth step-less progressive speed control, automatic release and regenerative braking and adjustable speed reduction when cornering
  • A steer wheel position indicator allows rapid manoeuvring capability
  • A Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) allows selection of appropriate performance settings for specific applications
  • A side stabiliser option is available for increased residual capacity and high lift applications
  • Initial lift and straddle leg applications are available

Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) AST (wide / long) (mm) Battery Capacity (V / Ah) Weight (kg)
MS12S 1250 5397 2575 / 2540 24V / 460Ah 1470
MS15S 1500 5397 2575 / 2540 24V / 460Ah 1470